Dusting off the blog

Old book and dusty heart

It’s been awhile…

My last post was 10.6.2015 which equates to one year and nine months since I posted something new on my blog. I am not entirely sure why it’s been so long since I was able to string some words together for your reading pleasure. You could blame life, family, work, lack of ambition, drive, etc. There was a time when all I could think about was my next post. What was I going to blog about? How could I create a intriguing blog post that people would read? But, as fate would have it, blogging went by the wayside. Life would eventually be consumed with schedules, parks, games (as a hobby, I officiate high school athletics), and all other sorts of excuses I could come up with.

In this new season of life, I find myself with so many thoughts about life in Jesus. I am constantly pondering questions about faith, spiritual growth, love, relationships, and so forth.

I need an outlet for these thoughts and questions.

I need a place I can express all the jumble up mess that is my head.

I don’t pretend to have it all figured out or even have it all together for a matter of fact. Let me be clear…I AM BROKEN and in no way an expert on anything Jesus. I don’t claim to be the end all be all when it comes to following Jesus. There are far better people in this world to look up to when it comes to “spiritual role model” material. However, on this journey we call faith, I’ve experienced and been witnessed to Jesus having done and currently doing extraordinary things in the life of people I’ve encountered in my faith journey.

This blog has always been about taking thoughts on faith, experiences in life, and the teachings of Jesus and meshing them together in a fresh way for people to simply understand and experience Jesus in a way that means something to them. Most of what I write about won’t be some new thought or idea, but something I discovered that’s been there all along and just need dusted off and reclaimed.

My hope is that if you happen to stumble onto one of my post, you’ll be inspired to discover the old, but tried and true messages of Jesus for your personal journey.

And hopefully, it won’t be a long time between this post and the next one…

No promises however!

Grace & Peace.


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