Here Comes Heaven

Merry Christmas!  As I write such a well known greeting, I am quickly reminded that for many of you, this Christmas won’t be as merry as the greeting assumes. The Christmas that our companies market to us is a Christmas that is tranquil, happiness-filled, present giving, family filled day. And while there are those who [...]


Two plus years… That’s how long it’s been since I last posted on this blog. The funny thing is that I’ve always wanted to be someone who had a blog that was regularly updated and that people would read. I wanted the blog to serve as a place where I could dust off beautiful truths [...]

Time to Walk on Water

Often times, when I am having a difficult day, when I don’t feel like doing everyday life, when words are hard, and emotions are high (some call it being in their “feels”), I like do this little mind exercise where in my mind, I go to my favorite place in the entire world. Morro Bay, [...]

Last Word | Forgiveness

Recently, I was having a discussion with my seven-year old daughter. The conversation centered around her need to have the last word in any argument, disagreement, conversation, etc. The point I was attempting to make to her was that it wasn’t always necessary for her to get the last word in the conversation. “Sometimes,” I [...]

Dusting off the blog

It's been awhile... My last post was 10.6.2015 which equates to one year and nine months since I posted something new on my blog. I am not entirely sure why it’s been so long since I was able to string some words together for your reading pleasure. You could blame life, family, work, lack of [...]

The Gospel and Us: God is for us

Several years ago, I sat in a restaurant for lunch with a friend who also happened to be my boss. We had become good friends after working with each other for about 3 months. That day was like any old day, where we would meet up for lunch, discuss football or basketball, talk about what [...]