Loving a Gracious Truth

 “You’re either too hard or too soft on her. You need to find a balance of being the disciplinarian and loving father instead of either or.” It’s become a mantra that my wife often repeats to me in my relations with our oldest daughter Keira. You see, it’s not that I am this strict disciplinarian all [...]

No other name

 Several weeks ago, our student ministry was going thru this series called the: “Jesus Dilemma.” The whole series was surrounded around this idea that every person who has ever lived, is living, and will live will have to come to a conclusion about who Jesus will be for them. Everyone will have to decide how [...]


 Several weeks ago, I was outside on my patio getting ready to grill up some steaks for the family. One of my absolute favorite way to cook a steak is on a good charcoaled grill. As I was waiting for the grill and the charcoal to get hot enough to put the steaks on, I [...]

Shot at the night

In 2011, a Canadian rapper by the name of Drake coined the term “Yolo” which means “You Only Live Once.” This term is similar to “carpe diem” or “memento mori.” It implies that one should enjoy life, even if it entails taking risks. Its a term used in all situations in which someone has a [...]

I will not fear

 Moving to California has been one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made. We couldn’t have asked for a better situation, church home, staff, and friends we’ve made along the way. The job I have here is to point students to a savior and redeemer who can love them, save them, [...]

Fear is a liar

 I’ve come to the conclusion…This is my finale…The end has come… This is been my thought process for the last month or so. I’ve known that this day would come for some time now; however, now that the end is near, I’m finding that my once confident self is slowly dissolving away. What’s replacing it is [...]

From glory to glory in Christ alone

Like all stories, there is a beginning, middle, and an end. Every story has its hero and villain. Every story has its damsel in distress who needs saving at the last possible second with impossible odds to beat in order to save her. Most of these stories end as happily ever after, while others, a [...]