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The Uncommon Christian Podcast is designed to encourage and inspire the common Christian to live out their uncommon faith. In each episode, Michael Hinton and from time to time, special guests will share weekly wisdom from the Bible in hopes of encouraging and inspiring every Christian to love Jesus and live out their purpose in an uncommon way.


EP 14 Reap Abundantly with Anna McGuire The Uncommon Christian Podcast with Michael Hinton

In Matthew 15, Jesus gives birth to the idea that it’s not necessarily what goes into a person that defiles them, but what comes out that determines who they are and what they’ve become. What we sow will be what we reap. So it’s imperative that we sow well so we can reap abundantly. Anna McGuire joins the episode to conclude our series Sow What helping us understand how to reap abundantly.
  1. EP 14 Reap Abundantly with Anna McGuire
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  5. EP 10 Drawing Near to God with Alyssa Montgomery


Let’s become uncommon together.